SILENCE,  a  centre  for  socio-economic  rehabilitation  of  the deaf  and  other  physically challenged persons  of  the  society. SILENCE,  came  into  existence  in  the  year  1979.  It  all  started with a handful of deaf artists with a bit of creative skill-sets and lots of dreams to achieve an economic and spiritual self-sufficiency. Their dedication and a bold initiative to create hand-painted greeting cards attracted a group of self-effacing social activists. And together, they formed a society that got itself registered as an NGO.

Through its formative years, SILENCE did depend partly on well-wishers and a few funding agencies for infrastructure support, such as, construction of a workshop… procurement of an emporium as a retail outlet… capital investments for mould and minor equipment, certain manufacturing tools, etc. SILENCE is happy that over the past 10 years or so, it has been able to meet most of its expenses for production, staff and property out of its own steadily growing sales. SILENCE gratefully acknowledges consistent, effective and continuing support from its overseas patrons and buyers.

Facts & Figures
Today, the team strength at SILENCE is about 100. During 2005 - 06, the average income of a person with physical deficiency was close to Rs.3000/- per month. The society's pay structure is humble at present, but it is definitely well laid out, with superannuation facilities for all. Apart from Provident Fund, ESI and Gratuity facilities, SILENCE has initiated a voluntary monthly savings scheme linked with Life Cover Policy of the Life Insurance Corporation of India. To cover medical exigencies and healthcare, SILENCE contributes to the State owned Employees' Insurance Scheme. SILENCE also provides accident cover to all working members through another insurance scheme. Possibly, SILENCE is the only NGO in the world for the physically challenged which does not run on grants, charity or funding, but is fully self-reliant with its own income generation resources.

After a long journey of hardship, dedication and will to achieve excellence; SILENCE has today become a house of exclusive products.
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