In SILENCE, we believe that the differently-able should be treated with respect and not with sympathy; given a proper foundation each one can lead a decent life with dignity and respect.

SILENCE has participated in numerous social activities to change the psyche of the society. And we believe in SILENCE we have made a mark in this respect.

Fair Trade is another activity that SILENCE is passionate about. SILENCE believes in Fair Trade and is an international partner of the World Fair Trade Organization. SILENCE sincerely believes that each one should have a right to a fair wage and one shouldn't be deprived of it. Additionally, SILENCE disapproves of middlemen and it tries to eliminate them in the supply-chain model so that the legitimate producer of product or service gets a fair deal.

SILENCE believes in self reliance - both for its members and the organization. It has been operating production-units for quite some time, with the sole aim of creating profits for its members and the organization. Candles.. Incense stick.. Costume jewelry etc. are a few of the handicraft items being produced from the units.
These products are mostly for exports to the foreign market. The products are also sold through an exclusive SILENCE Store in Kolkata. It has a huge clientele cutting across all ages, gender and religion. You can visit the SILENCE Shop located in Dakshinapan Marketplace, Dhakuria, Kolkata.

SILENCE has a Training Institute in Kolkata for the differently able people. SILENCE gives training on Art & Craft, Commercial Art, Computer Data Entry, Computer Hardware Maintenance etc. in collaboration with Jadavpur University and Govt. of West Bengal.

Most of the students get employment after attaining the courses; many of them get absorbed in SILENCE and they start earning their living by working in SILENCE, while many have opened their own production units.

The Training Center is the source of motivation for SILENCE. It is how it acts on SILENCE' mission statement - as more and more differently able persons and people from the downtrodden community become self reliant by earning their living after undergoing training.

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