Sharmishtha Banerjee : Deaf, Mute & now, visually challenged as well; - associated with SILENCE for

Sharmishtha Bannerjee joined SILENCE at a very young age. She was originally deaf and mute. She gradually developed skills in handmade crafts and, over a period of time, she shaped herself into a master craftsperson. Her skill was identified at a very early stage and she was further trained to be made into a proper Designer with SILENCE. And not long ago, Sharmishtha was independent designer of greeting cards, gift boxes and many more.

Soon life was treating Sharmishtha well. She started earning her own living. The parents of Sharmishtha were also very happy as she was financially contributing towards the family. Poverty seemed to be a distant dream which was till some time ago was a stark reality.

But fate had some thing else in store. Sharmishtha started developing blindness. She became very depressed and simply stopped coming to the workshop. Meanwhile the supervisors at SILENCE were wondering why Sharmishtha was not attending the workshop. One morning the workshop manager decided to visit her. When she reached Sharmishtha's house it was all gloom there! Every one was highly distressed. When Gayetri-di, the workshop manager, enquired about her not attending the workshop, Sharmishtha just broke down. She narrated in tears about her failing vision and how it had become impossible for her to see far away objects. So she would dare not go out on the streets on her own! She was just scared! Gayetri-di was very sorry and was wondering what to do. Then she had an idea. She arranged that some person from the workshop would visit her house everyday and would escort her to the workshop. And this worked!

Sharmishtha started visiting the workshop once again! As she could no longer see properly, she didn't know what to do. Then an idea struck Gayetri-di and she got Sharmishtha slowly involved in wrapping and packing the products.

Sharmishtha is back to her own, once again! Unfortunately, her parents having passed away, she lives alone on a paying guest arrangement and quietly earns her own living.

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